Greek Language Class

Hello / Goodbye Υ i`a sou (singular) / Υ i`a sas (plural) Γειά σου / Γειά σας Good morning Kali`mera Καλημέρα Good night Kali`nichta Καληνύχτα Thank you Efchari`sto Ευχαριστώ Please / You’re welcome / Excuse me? Paraka`lo Παρακαλώ What is this? Tee ` eenay af ` toe  Τι είναι αυτό; I want this `Thelo af’toe … Continue reading Greek Language Class

Weather and Climate

The island of Cyprus enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers from June to September and mild winters from November to March. Spring and autumn are short with varied and rapidly changing weather patterns in November and April. Storms and gales are rare, though snow does fall in the mountains. With almost year-round … Continue reading Weather and Climate