With a camera on his hands, he knows no fear!

With a camera on his hands, he knows no fear! Meet Antonio Sokannaig (CFGreece.gr), the guy who always gets into the perfect position to capture a truly memorable photograph while you compete! After the amazing job he did last year, Antonio will be with us for the Cyprus Throwdown 2018. Click HERE to register inContinue reading “With a camera on his hands, he knows no fear!”

Free Training Program for First-Placers

In the sport of fitness, a well-rounded training program is more than essential to optimize your results, especially on competition level. We are happy to present to you The Blau Program, “an Online Strength & Conditioning Program based on the CrossFit Method. The Programs are: Assault RX, The General Program, The Competition Program and AffiliateContinue reading “Free Training Program for First-Placers”

First Regional Athlete In

First day of registrations… First regional athlete in! Kevin Winkens returns with few words: “I really liked the workouts last year because they were totally different. From swimming in the ocean to heavy lifting in the night lights, everything was in there. Looking forward to come back this October!” Register now to meet and competeContinue reading “First Regional Athlete In”