Cyprus Throwdown 2020 is taking place in an exclusive TEAMS EDITION format

We would like to inform you that after long consideration and after assessing the latest updates in regards to the spread of COVID-19 in Cyprus and the governmental announcements, we decided to move forward and organise Cyprus Throwdown 2020. This year the event will be exclusively a TEAMS EDITION competition and it will take place in Limassol, Cyprus from the 2nd to the 4th of October 2020.

Our decision to hold the event is based mainly to the fact that Cyprus has successfully dealt with the pandemic and is now ready to welcome travelers from various countries and also to the fact that Cyprus Throwdown is an outdoor competition. However, we are aware that we will have to work under some disruptive social distancing measures as well as to implement in our structure additional health and safety policies and hygiene measures, mainly to protect your health and safety but also to comply with the legal framework set by the Cyprus government.

In this context, Cyprus Throwdown 2020 will be run in an adaptive mode in order to secure your health and safety and to provide you a hygienic environment to compete. The major step, among other steps that we will be taking for your health and safety that we will be announcing soon, is the fact that we will use 2 different stations in the arena for the heats to alternate in order to have enough time for the decontamination of each station as well the equipment assigned to it.

Unfortunately, our equipment, time and human resources are limited to organise the event as normal and at the same time to comply with all these requirements. Therefore, the application of those measures would result to a very limited number of athletes attending the finals unless a different format will be followed. And this is why we decided for the Cyprus Throwdown 2020 to be a TEAMS EDITION competition. Although the teams competition may sound extreme under the current social distancing measures, the workouts format and the setup of the arena that we are planning would allow us to comply with health and safety policies and hygiene measures.

TEAMS registration window opens on 08/06/2020. TEAMS registration will be on a first come first served basis, since there will be no qualifiers for TEAMS.
Divisions, Format and Available Spots:
RX: 40 teams (3 males)
RX: 30 teams (2 males & 1 female)
SCALED: 70 teams (2 males & 1 female)
MASTERS MEN 80 to 99: 20 teams (2 males – cumulative age from 80 to 99 years old)
MASTERS MEN 100+: 20 teams (2 males – cumulative age over 100 years old)
MASTERS WOMEN 80-99: 10 teams (2 females – cumulative age from 80 to 99 years old)
MASTERS WOMEN 100+: 10 (2 females – cumulative age over 100 years old)

The only limitation is that each TEAM should consist only from athletes having their permanent residency in the same country.

We hope to see you in Cyprus soon.

Cyprus Throwdown 2020

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