Meet Karin Frey

Karin Frey won the RX Women qualifier with three first place finishes. We couldn’t expect less from the 23 year old lady who deserved a spot in the CrossFit Games this year! Her performance in the Europe Regional was outstanding as she managed to rank 6th in the leaderboard. In any other region, her results would have secured her a spot in the CrossFit Games. Karin Frey studied Physical Education and Sport and her goal for 2019 is to make a step further in her CrossFit journey.


Which Qualifier workout did you enjoy the most and why?
I liked Qualifier Workout 18.2 because Part A was so different from Part B. We went from a heavy weightlifting movement to a high number of gymnastic reps.

Your performance in the Europe Regional was outstanding. Your results would have provide you a spot in the CrossFit Games in any other region. Did you expect such a good performance? What are your goals for the 2019 season?
Every day I am training hard in order to achieve my goals and therefore I am very happy about my placement in Europe Regional. It is a very strong region and it requires a lot of work! My goal for next year is to qualify for the regionals once more and earn a spot in the next phase.


Do you do your own programming or do you get one from your coach?
I am following «Τhe System», a training program designed by Mikko Salo.


Do you train on your own or do you have a training partner?
I prefer to train with my training partner, however, sometimes I am training on my own. Training with my partner helps me a lot because I tend to push myself more and at the same time I have the opportunity to compare my results and reach my conclusions.


How much time do you spend training?
I am having double sessions for five days every week and a single session for one day every week. On Sundays I am having my active recovery session.


How do you get motivated and what makes you more competitive?
My coach is very supportive and a pure source of inspiration! I set my goals and these goals make me jump out of bed every morning.

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