Qualifier Workout 18.2

Cyprus Throwdown Qualifier Workout 18.2 is split into two parts.

18.2a has a 2 mimute time cap to establish the heaviest 3 rep max, touch and go, on clean and jerk.

18.2b starts on the 2 minute time mark and it is an every minute on the minute workout to complete 1 clean and jerk and 25 pull ups for men and 20 for women, until failure to do so within the minute.

Scores for 18.2a and 18.2b will be entered as two separate scores. Your score for 18.2a is your heaviest successful lift. Your score for 18.2b is the total number of reps completed until failure.

For the official movement standards, as well as variations for scaled, masters and teenagers divisions, please download 18.2 workout description and scorecard here.

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